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WTF, Shakespeare

By: Kathryn Vomero Santos

When his career appeared to have bottomed out in 2009, comedian Marc Maron turned in desperation to the medium of podcasting and created WTF with Marc Maron, a show that has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon with over six million downloads per month. Over the course of eight years and

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In Memoriam: Barbara A. Mowat

By: Folger Staff

Barbara Adams Mowat (1934–2017) Dr. Barbara Mowat, our friend and colleague, coeditor of the Folger Shakespeare Library editions, consulting editor at Shakespeare Quarterly, former director of research at the Folger Shakespeare Library, former editor of Shakespeare Quarterly, and former chair of the Folger Institute, passed away on November 24, 2017. She was

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About The Great William: Writers Reading Shakespeare

By: Theodore Leinwand

    One springboard for my recent book, The Great William: Writers Reading Shakespeare (which Ken Gross generously reviews in Shakespeare Quarterly 68.1), was what Randall McLeod has called a “Keatspearian” moment. On January 23rd, 1818, John Keats wrote to Benjamin Bailey that he “sat down to read King Lear

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Why Did They Both Die?

By: Michael Bristol

I was at a matinee performance of Hamlet at the Stratford Festival in May of 2016, looking down at the action from way up in the balcony, surrounded by Canadian High School students. Two young women in front of me spent the afternoon making out. But I’d heard the story

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Review of the Public Theater’s Julius Caesar

By: Nick Moschovakis

Well, now. It looks like Caesar can really matter to this play! That might seem a not-so-striking discovery. After all, countless European students over many centuries learned to venerate Caesar as a leader of exceptional genius who brought law, order, and civilization to the rugged corners of their continent. One

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