SQ’s New Website

It is with great pleasure that we at Shakespeare Quarterly launch this new digital space. It will highlight and showcase the content of current and upcoming published issues of the journal. It will also host supplemental materials that will give you a more robust engagement with the essays in our issues. Additionally, lively, web-exclusive content will be featured—short, informal essays from eminent Shakespeareans; invited discussions about essays and book reviews published in our pages; interviews with authors and performers; performance reviews; and Letters to the Editor.

As an academic journal with the highest standards, Shakespeare Quarterly in its regular formats of print and digital access will remain peer-reviewed and highly selective. We launch this new, auxiliary space hoping to communicate more directly with you; to give you an advance look at upcoming issues; and to create a space to be found nowhere else for reflecting on Shakespeare, Shakespeareans, and the process of research and  discovery. We invite Letters to the Editor, which will enable you to respond in your own terms about essays or book reviews we have published, web exclusives we have posted, or even Shakespeare-related matters not covered in our published or online pages. To submit Letters to the Editor, please click here.

Other than Letters to the Editor, our new site will not feature unsolicited material, and—as with newspapers or magazines—we do not promise to publish each letter that we receive (though we do hope to receive many). We are excited by the promise of the space to reach new readers and bring them to SQ; to engage and entertain regular readers with our web exclusives and through a deepened experience of our published pages; and to give scholars a new forum for thinking informally about their profession, their past and future writing, and their most thrilling discoveries as researchers.

We are grateful to the Folger’s Director of Digital Media and Publications Eric Johnson for his continual support for this project and for his guidance in bringing the site to fruition. This gratitude extends to the entire staff (current and former) of the Folger’s Digital Media and Publications Department, including Margaret Collins, Anna Levine, Gabrielle Linnell, Michael Poston, and Stacey Redick. Without Margaret Collins’s rigorous editorial eye, development foresight, and design sensibility, our new digital space would have been much impoverished. Our thanks extend to the Folger’s Department of Information Technology for their assistance in launching and maintaining the site. The site was developed by Sites by Coop, and we deeply appreciate their innovation, persistence, and patience.

The content of SQ’s website will be changed regularly and archived. The published issue currently featured on the site is a special issue on Shakespeare and new media, titled #Bard and guest edited by Douglas Lanier. The cover of the issue is a QR code that when scanned with a smart phone directs to our site. The issue in its entirety will be available in print and on Project Muse in a few weeks.

We hope that you will enjoy reading our new space and that you will let us know how we may please you better as we discover with you the great potential of this endeavor.



Gail Kern Paster, “SQ’s New Website,” Shakespeare Quarterly, June 2017, http://shakespearequarterly.folger.edu/web_exclusive/letter-from-the-editor/.


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