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Volume 69, Issue 1

Essay Abstracts

From the Editor

By: Jeremy Lopez

Jeremy Lopez introduces himself as the new Editor of Shakespeare Quarterly in his first From the Editor.

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Shakespeare’s Bastard Nation: Skepticism and the English Isle in King John

By: Michael Gadaleto

This essay explores the troublesome question of English national identity in Shakespeare’s King John, a strikingly skeptical history play that often appears to subvert more than support any cohesive notion of English nationhood. I argue, however, that the play’s skeptical attitude toward English identity and legitimacy ultimately leads to a...

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Chaucer’s Jailer’s Daughter: Character and Source in
The Two Noble Kinsmen

By: Megan Snell

In Shakespeare and Fletcher’s Two Noble Kinsmen, the Jailer’s Daughter appears to have little connection to Chaucer, the play’s named “noble breeder.” Only a single line in The Knight’s Tale offers a corresponding figure for her: the anonymous “freend” who helps Palamon escape prison. This essay argues, however, that her...

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Book Reviews

Shakespeare, Court Dramatist by Richard Dutton;
Poverty and Charity in Early Modern Theater and Performance
by Robert Henke; and
Imagining Shakespeare's Original Audience, 1660-2000: Groundlings, Gallants, Grocers by Bettina Boecker

Reviewed by: S. P. Cerasano

Members of His Body: Shakespeare, Paul, and a Theology of Nonmonogamy

Written by: Will Stockton

Reviewed by: Drew Daniel

Is Shylock Jewish? Citing Scripture and the Moral Agency of Shakespeare's Jews

Written by: Sara Coodin

Reviewed by: Michelle Ephraim

Untold Futures: Time and Literary Culture in Renaissance England

Written by: J. K. Barret

Reviewed by: William Junker

The One "King Lear"

Written by: Brian Vickers

Reviewed by: Richard Knowles

Shakespeare and the Eighteenth-Century Novel: Cultures of Quotation from Samuel Richardson to Jane Austen

Written by: Kate Rumbold

Reviewed by: Fiona Ritchie