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Volume 68, Issue 4

Essay Abstracts

From the Editor

By: Gail Kern Paster

I write here to bid two farewells—the first on behalf of all of us at Shakespeare Quarterly to our brilliant colleague Barbara A. Mowat who died on 24 November 2017; the second from me to the readers of SQ whom I have been delighted to serve (with a hiatus during the tenure of David...

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Romans, Egyptians, and Crocodiles

By: Rhodri Lewis

The exchange between Antony, Lepidus, and Octavius on the nature of the Nile crocodile is one of the most striking passages of Antony and Cleopatra: on Antony’s account, this curious reptile is like unto itself alone. In this essay, I look afresh at the sources and analogs on which Shakespeare may...

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Was Shakespeare “not a company keeper”? William Beeston and MS Aubrey 8, fol. 45v

By: Christopher Matusiak

Modern biographical studies of Shakespeare owe much to John Aubrey’s decision in 1681 to interview the retired theater manager William Beeston. Preserved in the notes that arose from their discussions is an anecdote that has proven especially tantalizing to scholars: on the verso side of MS Aubrey 8, fol. 45—a...

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Finding the Remedy: Measure for Measure, Puns, Rules

By: Julian Lamb

This essay explores the way Angelo and Isabella appeal to rules in their attempts to justify the legality or ethics of their actions, and thus relieve themselves of the burden of responsibility. (“It is the law, not I, condemn your brother.”) However, the play will confront them with the truth...

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Book Reviews

Hamlet's Moment: Drama and Political Knowledge in Early Modern England

Written by: András Kiséry

Reviewed by: Allison Kay Deutermann

Shakespeare and Early Modern Religion

Edited by: David Loewenstein and Michael Witmore

Reviewed by: Peter Holbrook

Shakespeare's Binding Language

Written by: John Kerrigan

Reviewed by: Rebecca Lemon

Shakespeare and the Visual Imagination

Written by: Stuart Sillars

Reviewed by: Michele Marrapodi

Shakespeare and Textual Studies

Edited by: Margaret Jane Kidnie and Sonai Massai

Reviewed by: Lucy Munro

Shakespeare on the University Stage

Edited by: Andrew James Hartley

Reviewed by: Michael W. Shurgot