Web Exclusives

SQ’s New Website

By: Gail Kern Paster

It is with great pleasure that we at Shakespeare Quarterly launch this new digital space. It will highlight and showcase the content of current and upcoming published issues of the journal. It will also host supplemental materials that will give you a more robust engagement with the essays in our issues. Additionally,

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Graham Holderness’s Black and Deep Desires

By: Graham Holderness

SQ: Tell us what drew you to write Black and Deep Desires: William Shakespeare, Vampire Hunter (2015) and what is its relation to your book Nine Lives of William Shakespeare (2011)? GH: It would be true to say that Black and Deep Desires grew out of Nine Lives of William Shakespeare though

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Alfred Harbage Redux

By: David Bevington

When I completed my BA at Harvard in 1952 and went off in the US Navy on an ROTC commission for three years, I took along some literary books and had a general idea of applying to graduate school after the military service. But I didn’t know really in what

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